25 Apr 23
Fighting in Sudan.
This from friends in a position to know:
UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, warns that Sudan is “… on the edge of the abyss,” and murderous violence will likely expand to engulf the entire region!
Fighting has left 500 dead since 15 April, at least according to “official” reports. The actual figure is twenty times that number, and growing by the hour!
Current piecemeal evacuation of foreign nationals from Sudan involves the UK, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and several other nations. Lucky ones get out via air from Khartoum. Priority goes to families with children, elderly, infirm.
Less-lucky either “shelter-in-place” (tantamount to suicide), or undertake the perilous trek to Port Sudan (a 15-hour drive from Khartoum, under good conditions). Extremely dangerous in every way! Even when the trek is successful, evacuees can only hope their respective nations have ships available to take them to safety.
The USA is noticeably absent! Non-diplomatic American citizens are, as always, abandoned by the JRB Administration, just as they were in Afghanistan. Americans are on their own!
Foreign nationals left in Sudan are currently caught between the Sudanese Army and the “Rapid Support Forces” (RSF) militia, the same savage “Janjaweed” Islamic swarm that has wantonly massacred thousands of innocent tribesmen in western Dafur (both Christian and Muslim). RSF’s well-established “methods” include rape, torture, and casual murder of the defenseless.
Both Russia and China maintain a heavy military/political presence in the area, and the entire African continent.
The USA has virtually none!
Russians and Chinese are the “New Imperialists!”
And, they’re aggressively on the move, politically and militarily, in Eastern Europe, Taiwan, South America, Africa. Both nations are unfailingly characterized by an utter lack of concern for human life, as we see!
Putin’s ruthless “Wagner Group” mercenaries, and the UAE, are backing, and arming, RSF rebels.
China is currently on the fence, but ostensibly backing the Sudanese Army.
However, neither China, nor Russia, are concerned in the slightest with gratuitous carnage, of locals and foreigners alike!
Sudan’s minority Christian population (five percent), and even lesser minority Jewish population (probably less than one percent) will suffer tremendously during this “civil war.”
Under constant threat, few will live through it.
History proves it!
“Villains are always ugly in novels and movies. Necessarily so, it seems. Because, if villains were attractive, if their looks matched their charm and cunning, they wouldn’t only be dangerous; they would be irresistible.”
Nenia Campbell
Unfortunately, the world’s villains are irresistible, particularly to the voluntarily naive/stupid!