14 Dec 20

NYC’s criminal shooting episodes are exploding, as even NYPD Chief Shea sheepishly admits!
This, despite the fact that for an honest citizen, with no criminal record, to legally purchase and keep a serious gun in NYC is nearly impossible, that is absent high-level political connections!
Yet simultaneously, criminals arrested by NYPD for illegal possession and use of guns are released almost immediately!
Under NY “bail reform,” judges have scant choice, even when arrestees re-offend, more-or-less instantly, multiple times!

These criminals don’t have deal with a waiting period, nor pass a test, nor pay a fee!

What is fascinating about this “system” of over three-thousand arrested, booked, gun-packing, repeat offenders being instantly released (to-date during 2020) to stalk and shoot more innocent victims, is that it makes no sense!
That is, until the careful observer confronts the incontrovertible truth that the released, violent, dangerous, repeat criminal offenders are, to a person, the protected, core-constituents of today’s Democrat/Communist Party!
A party whose stated target identified openly for destruction is our firearms & ammunition industry, FFL retailers, and particularly gun owners.
Communists don’t want their precious proxy-thugs getting hurt when they violently victimize innocent citizens.
Lawlessness, chaos, and squalor are where Communists thrive, and they’re manufacturing it as fast as they can, as we see!
“The Bill of Rights is the bone structure of the living and breathing United States of America. The Bill of Rights is the embodiment of the “inalienable rights” dictated by the Declaration of Independence, upon which every Federal law, State law, State constitution and the United States Constitution are based upon. Compromise the Bill of Rights, and you compromise the bone structure of the living and breathing Union. Compromise the Bill of Rights, and the United States is nothing but a corpse awaiting decay and a return to dust.”
AE Samaan