26 June 16

Travis: You know how I feel about guns.
Carlos: Guns doesn’t care how you feel!

From: AMC’s television drama series, “Fear the Walking Dead”

At least Charlie R is “transparent:”

On Tuesday of last week, Congressman Charlie Rangel (D/NY) said (while laughing) during an interview:

“I wouldn’t want them to have it (concealed carry permit). Law-abiding citizens just shouldn’t have to carry a gun.”

He added: “If it is difficult to get a concealed weapon permit, I’m glad to hear that.”

The discussion was about the notorious ongoing scandal within NYC’s unending bureaucracy of accepting bribes for the issuance of NYC CCW permits to certain “connected” individuals, mostly among entertainment and media personalities. In fact, only those who pay bribes (and provide other “favors”) have any hope of getting an NYC CCW permit!

After all that, when it was pointed out that Rangle himself personally enjoys the continuous protection of armed bodyguards (provided at taxpayer expense), making an exception of himself, he responded:

“Well that’s a little different. I think we deserve… I think we need to be protected down here.”

What an honest and straight-out confession. Thank you, Charlie!

At least we know for sure the way Charlie, and hypocritical liberal/leftist politicians in general, make the distinction between members of the elite, invaluable “ruling class,” and we mere unwashed, expendable peons!

I wonder if Charlie, and the rest, have any clue how much we resent them and their smug, elitist attitude, so eloquently articulated above.

“Within a socialist community, there is no room left for freedom”

Ludwig Von Mises

Apparently not!