21 Jan 19

2019 SHOT Show, Range Day

Today was “Range Day” in Boulder City, NV

It was cool and very windy on the Range, but we got a chance to get our hands on, and shoot, several new guns that will be of interest to Operators:

This year, single-column 9mm pistols, specifically designed for discreet concealed carry, are at the forefront!

Both Vicki and I shot the G48 (single-column G19), and the G43X (G43 with a G48 Frame).

Both are 11-shooters (10+1), designed for concealed carry

Of the two, we both prefer the G48! Flat and smooth, with mild recoil. Very reminiscent of the excellent Honor
Defense HG9CLE, and I like it for all the same reasons!

Springfield Armory’s XD 3.3 is a 9-shooter along the same lines.

Springfield Armory’s new “911,” a very diminutive, single-column 9mm, is too small for me. I much prefer the 3.3!

Mossberg, famous for pump-shotguns, introduced their new single-column 9mm autoloading pistol today! It’s called the MC1SC.

We both liked it! It’s a flat, smooth 8-shooter, available with and w/out a manual safety.

The manual safety is a cross-bolt right behind the trigger, designed to be operated with the trigger finger. Hence it is not usable for serious concealed carry, and not something an Operator would want, nor use.

Caracal pistols are now made in America! When they were made in the UAE, they enjoyed a checkered reputation. The copy I shot today, of course, ran fine!

It’s basically a G19, but their “Enhanced F” version features the “Quick Sight.” The rear sight is machined out of the forward portion of the slide. It’s very fast!

Other items of interest:

Geissele, famous for wonderful after-market triggers, is not making complete ARs

Aimpoint’s new ACRO P1 is small enough to mount on a pistol. Very compact and rugged. It may replace the T2/H2 as my favorite!

A company called Decibellz makes a moldable earplug that you mold yourself, via soaking in hot water. I have a set!

Real Avid makes an interesting variation on the traditional Bore-Snake. It has a wire filament (instead of cord), so it is easy to get down a 22 bore. It’s called the “Bore Boss.”

The Mantis X2 has been improved with upgraded graphics. We use the Mantis System in our training, as a graphic display is often helpful in allowing the student to literally “see” what he is doing.

Tomorrow is the first day of the 2019 SHOT Show!