20 Jan 15

2015 SHOT Show, First Day:

Cor-Bon is now making their own DPX all-copper bullets for their line of DPX ammunition. They are also making DPX bullets available as components for hand-loaders.

LaRue is making their own AR triggers. Like everything LaRue makes, they are wonderful! The “Predatobr” is still their premier AR. Among the best ARs available, but pricey!

The Turkish-made CANIK Pistol is Glock-like, but I don’t include it in yesterday’s List, because it features a “de-cocking button” on top of the slide, like the now out-of-production Walther/S&W P99. Pushing the button lowers the striker, but it also sterilizes the pistol! After thus “de-cocking,” one must move the slide rearward in order to re-position the striker and enable the trigger. Curious system, to say the least!

Boberg, makers of the compact pistol with the unique feeding system now offers a very compact version in 45ACP. It’s a seven-shooter (6+1). I have a copy of the Boberg XR9/S in 9mm. The little pistol is attractive for its small size and mild recoil. However, because cartridges are actually pulled out of the magazine to the rear, now and then a round is pulled apart (case pulled off the bullet) by the mechanism. It runs well with most high-performance rounds, but some brands of practice hardball are not recommended, owing to the foregoing.

Firstlight’s famous “Tomahawk” flashlight, a copy of which I carry all the time, has been improved from 400 lumens to 750 lumens! It retains all its other features, including blood-detection and take-down mode. Everybody should have a copy!

PTR, now completely moved from anti-gun CT to pro-gun SC, continues to make their wonderful rifles in 7.62×51 (308) and 7.62×39 (30/Soviet). They’re better than ever! The PTR runs best mostly dry. Chambers, because of internal scoring (necessary for the case to break-loose during extraction), must particularly be kept dry

Robinson Arms had on display their famous XCR rifles in 7.62x51m 6.8×43, 5.56×45, and now 300Blk. Like the rest, the 300Blk version is gas-adjustable, so it will run supersonic, and sub-sonic with and without a suppressor can.

Devil Dog Arms makes a superb line of ARs. I have a copy of their 300Blk version.

Doublestar’s ARs are also on the “recommended” list.

One could expect to pay 1k for a good, solid AR up to a year ago. Now, some are available for close to half that, because the market is currently saturated. Beware, however! Many get the price that low through the use of chintzy, crap parts. Most consumers don’t shoot enough to notice this issue, but we do! No rifle I recommend has crap parts, so most are “pricy,” at least by today’s standards. When you buy a rifle for serious purposes, stick with solid gear. Your very life may depend on that rifle, a lot sooner than you think!

EOTech’s 518 and 558 still take AA batteries, something I consider an advantage. When you can find a TV remote, you can usually find AA batteries! The XPS and EXPS are more compact but use 123 batteries. The EXPS comes with a quick-release mount, and is recommended.

Brian Hoffner’s line of personal knives is suburb! When you get a copy, be sure to get Brian’s DVD on knife fighting. Best I’ve ever seen!

V-Line, makers of quick-access lock-boxes for serious guns, now makes one that is designed to fit between studs in an interior wall, and when installed, is thus flush, taking up no room space. Perfect for bedrooms!

More tomorrow!