28 Feb 12

“Perpetrator had been employed two years, working mostly as a driver, and was ‘vetted.’ You can readily understand what we all think of the ‘vetting’ process here!

On the day of the shooting, he was cleared through two layers of security, bypassed at least one high-ranking officer, and was finally able to gain access to a third layer, where the victims worked.

Once the door was opened, he, without hesitation, produced a pistol and murdered the door-opener and then made his way to the second victim, murdering him too. All 9mm FMJ. Only the perpetrator was armed!

He then calmly strolled right past a dozen Afghan soldiers, who displayed not the slightest interest, and walked out the door!

Even before this incident, I knew full-well we were in sure-enough Indian Country here, and I took appropriate precautions. My troopers and I contemptuously ignore ‘amber’ carry (empty chamber) directives, and all self-serving ‘Don’t worry. You’re safe here’ trumpery we grow so weary of hearing.

We carry ‘red,’ all the time! Our guns are always with us and are never unloaded. Everyone carries at least one pistol on his person, in addition to his rifle, and plenty of ammunition for each. We are never alone, and we watch each-other’s backs. We are prepared to instantly respond to deadly threats, no matter where, no matter from whom, no matter the time of day or night. We trust on one. We believe no one, particularly politicians.

I replaced all AR magazines with Magpul. I replaced ‘Checkmate’ pistol magazines with Mec-Gar. I got tired of waiting!

Violence will get worse here as weather improves. My guys and I are ready. They won’t catch us napping!

… even as our ‘leaders’ thoughtlessly acquiesce to pious, self-serving demands of political gas-bags, here and there!”

Comment: In Vietnam, it was the same BS! We all knew we had to look after ourselves and each other. Those of us who lived long enough for it to matter, stopped worrying about “rules,” and did what we had to do!

“The pen is mightier than the sword, but the wise carry both.”

Motto of the Science Fiction Writers of America