16 Mar 99

This from a friend who works in an ER. His comments on handgun bullet wounds:

“I have much observed evidence that shot placement is THE critical factor in quickly disabling a human target. Multiple hits is also an important factor. I saw wounds with all calibers, to all regions of the body. I’ve seen LOTS of .22 (rimfire) to .38Spl wounds to the buttocks and lower extremities, owing to trigger-jerkers routinely putting their shots low and left. These were mostly ineffective.

The DOAs, and the ones who died while being transported or in the ER itself, had all absorbed solid hits, via a healthy caliber, in the upper chest or neck. The “multiple-hit factor” can’t be underestimated either. I’ve seen some good hits that didn’t stop the recipient very quickly, including a .30 carbine round which penetrated vertically through the crown of the skull. The person did eventually die, but not for 10 hours, during which time he could move at least one
side of his body, and carry on completely lucid conversations with the people around him.”


>Carry a pistol chambered for a “healthy caliber.” “Mouse guns” perform as their name suggests.

>Make your tactical decisions quickly. If you need to shoot, get on with it without delay.

>Don’t panic, and throw bullets all over the landscape! Hit the bad guy in the upper chest, and take the time and deliberation necessary to assure yourself that that is exactly where all your bullets are going to impact.

>Don’t relax too soon! Keep shooting and hitting until additional shooting does not appear to be necessary.