11 Nov 16

First 100 days?

The NRA endorsed DJT’s presidential campaign early-on, and contributed generously ever since.

I don’t presume to speak for anyone except myself, but here is what I’d like to see from the DJT Administration, right away:

1) National CCW Reciprocity. Like driver’s licenses, state-issued CCW permits need to be honored nation-wide. Each state must extend “full faith and credit” to every other state. CCW holders represent the least imaginable threat, to police and anyone else. The current motley miscellany is incomprehensible. This is a no-brainer!

2) Removal of the “sport clause” for imports. Importing only guns that supposedly have a “sporting” purpose drives up costs and prices, and limits options. “Personal protection” is a legitimate reason for wanting to own a gun, any gun, and we need to stop thinking we can only say that in whispers!

3) Appointment of a pro-gun ATF director. It is time we have someone other than a raving, anti-gun fanatic as head of ATF! ATF is here to serve, not just harass, American gun owners and the American gun industry!

4) Reinstatement of the “Gun-Owners’ Protection Act” Honest American gun-owners should not be pointlessly harassed every time they travel with guns! When guns and magazines are legally possessed by a citizen of any state, he should be able to freely travel with them throughout the country, without having to guess which local anti-gun agendas are being enforced, and which aren’t.

5) Removal of suppressors/silencers from NFA. There is no earthly reason for suppressers/silencers to be NFA items. Who think they should continue to be, watch way too many gangster movies! Quiet guns make good neighbors!

The foregoing is, of course, not complete, but it is a good start.

We shouldn’t have to wait four years to see this. Let’s go, Don! Let’s go all you professing Republicans in Congress!