9 Nov 16

Election Follow-up:

Several Hollywood “celebrities,” including Woopy Goldberg and Cher, have pseudo-sanctimoniously declared they’ll “leave the Country” when Trump wins.

Big talk! They’ll stick around, of course. But, to those who really mean it, my comment is:

“Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!”

Their liberal/leftist collaborators in the media carelessly, and oh-so piously, pronounced HRC “the winner” early yesterday evening, with less than one percent of votes counted..

Even this morning, they were all insisting they were not really “wrong.” It’s just all those “deplorable” racists, sexists, and bigots who were able to vote DJT into office.

For one, I resent being identified by the liberal media as a “bigot” just because I don’t always agree with their dimpled-darling Democrat candidate, and, in fact, still consider her a treacherous, amoral traitor!

And, I resent them insisting that I accept the role/title of “victim.”

I’m not any kind of “victim.” I’m no one’s “dependent”, and I’m not “deplorable” by virtue of the fact that I am unapologetically productive, and don’t spend my day with my hand out.

My resentment, and that of many others, was reflected in our votes!

Even now, the media and the DNC still don’t “get it.” For them to “get it,” they would have to repent, and it takes a good and decent person to do that.

They are neither!

Despite some pseudo-conciliatory rhetoric, I know and understand that they still hate my guts!

And they also harbor nothing but vile hatred for DJT, just as they hated Reagan and Bush.

The lyrical honeymoon will be short-lived!

The proof of “whom we really are” lies in WWII cemeteries on the European Continent, from Omaha Beach to Berlin, along with many among my comrades (a generation later) in Arlington.

No “victims” here.

Just heroes!