11 Nov 16

On this Veterans’ Day, 2016, I rejoice with my follow veterans that our Republic is alive and well.

My thanks to all who served, and continue to serve.

In case memories are short, here are some comments from a friend and fellow warrior/veteran who fought valiantly against Communists in Africa in the 1970s and 1980s, just a few years after I fought the same brutal Communists in Vietnam in the 1960s.

We both lived through it, though tattered. Most of our friends didn’t!.

My friend is currently living in the UK.

I’m sending this in the hope it will be read by “millennials,” including my children and grandchildren, who have been subjected to years of leftist propaganda in our “educational system” and may be inclined to believe that Communism is “just another form of government.”

Telling that to my friend, and me, is like telling a Holocaust survivor that Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s “weren’t really so bad,” or that Joe Stalin was just an “emphatic leader!”

I trust you will understand my visceral reaction!

Ancient , effortless, ordered- cycle on cycle set-
Life so long untroubled, that ye who inherit forget
It was not made with the mountains; it was not one with the deep
Men, not gods, devised it. Men, not gods, must keep.


“I worked my way through this well-known horror story and vividly remember my own experiences working military operations in Africa between 1983 and 1989.

We were fighting to keep Communist-backed forces from overrunning us in South Africa, where conditions were always far different than the grossly-negative picture painted by the leftist media in your country and the UK.

We never stood a chance!

We were politically, financially, and economically isolated while our civilian population was being slaughtered on farms, in villages and in our cities. In an effort to protect them, many of my comrades died in horrific confrontations.

In one instance, one of our helicopter troop-carriers was shot down, and only pilots and a few troopers survived the crash, albeit injured. SWAPO terrorists overwhelmed the co-pilot and hung him and the other survivors upside-down from nearby trees and then kicked them to death. This form of murder, slow and agonizing, was their custom with all captives. Thousands died this way!

When farmers were, and are, attacked, the custom was, and is, to gang-rape all females, whatever their age, as the men were forced to watch. Entire families, including toddlers and infants, are then mercilessly tortured and murdered. Boiling oil is poured into their ears, as they scream. Hands, fingers, feet, breasts and chopped off while victims are still alive. Eyes are gouged out.

All are then finally murdered by drowning in boiling water burying them while they are still alive.

Our Special Forces attacked SWAPO camps when we could. We gave them what they didn’t deserve, a quick death. I was fortunate and survived all of these single operations, albeit like you, sometimes just barely!

One of my close comrades was not so lucky. He was captured in Zimbabwe and held captive for days, naked and beaten mercilessly, while being gang-raped repeatedly. In the absence of male perpetrators he was repeatedly raped with a broomstick.

My family and I fled the country during the early 2000’s, after a failed attempt on my life. I was targeted, because I knew too many details!

Communists seek only their own economic benefit, while their historic, inherent, and hideous brutality grows unchecked.

Like you, I lived it, survived it, and like you, I will carry deep scars for the rest of my life.”

Comment: Evil is ever with us, closer than most think, as we see. People take sides. Let us never forget what our Republic stands for, and which side we’re on!

“‘Civilization’” is a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.”

Werner Herzog