18 Mar 2020

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”

Pablo Picasso

An acquaintance, a professing “liberal,” anxiously asked me yesterday what kind of gun he should buy for home protection.

Of course, I told him he had waited way too long, as local gun retailers are currently sold-out.

Ammunition in popular defensive calibers is also mostly gone.

Yet, since he had never thought of a personally-owned gun until now, I was curious as to why he suddenly concluded one was necessary.

He told me he was afraid of looters, maybe gangs of them, ransacking neighborhoods, as well as dangerous and destructive, wide-scale, uncontrolled rioting, consuming entire inner-city areas.

We’ve seen that phenomenon recently in Baltimore, Philadelphia, St Louis, and similar rotting metro areas, where seedy leftist politicians, who are little more than criminals themselves, look-on apathetically, even approvingly!

I replied that I was confused!

Up until this moment, he had oh so piously assured me that personally-owned guns were unnecessary in our civilization, because we have police to protect us, and that people who owned guns were thus “paranoid,” and that his darling Democrat politicians were right to insist that all guns be banned.

Of course, he has been repeatedly told that lie by cheesy, heavily-armed leftist political hypocrites, and like all naive liberals, he was stupid enough to believe them, because like all liberals, he finds such false beliefs “comfortable” and like all liberals he lacked the courage to honestly confront the truth, until now!

Then, he heard on local news that, because of the current public health emergency, and simultaneous economic emergency, his local PD was operating on an “emergency-only basis,” and that they may not be able to respond, even to emergencies, in any kind of timely manner.

Likewise, EMS may not respond to calls.

He recalled that he heard me say, more than once, “You’re on you own,” and he said he suddenly, grudgingly realized that he was!

I’m afraid, though sympathetic, I was not helpful when our brief conversation came to an end!

I wished him the best of luck and went my way!

The arrogantly naive and intentionally unprepared are destined for short and unhappy lives, as has always been the case.

But, that is their choice!

They made their bed.

They get to sleep in it!