7 Aug 14

Comments on the murder of our two-star in Afghanistan (at the national “training academy”) and the serious injury of seventeen others, on 6 Aug 14, all perpetrated by a single VCA.

These comments from a veteran of the African Bush Wars of the 1960s and 1970s:

“My Directorate Section Chief (also a two-star) always warned us:

‘Any time you’re anywhere in an Ops Area, even within the confines of so-called “safe” places, never be without your rifle, spare magazines, pistol, knife, bush hat, boots, water, emergency medpack, and rat-pack (ration pack)

No matter what anyone else says or does… you do that, without fail!’

I never forgot those words, and that degree of continual, personal readiness saved my life, more than once. I still adhere to that admonition, even today… especially today!”

My comments:

Few details of this most recent wretched attack upon American military personnel have thus-far surfaced. But, we have to ask ourselves:

“How can these kinds of wanton massacres of members of our “unarmed forces” continue to happen so regularly, both in Ops Areas, and on our military bases within CONUS, with nothing ever being done about it?”

Was not a single person there in a sufficient state of personal readiness so as to be able to respond to this attack effectively, and instantly?

That seems to be the incessant issue, and, inexplicably, no corrective action is ever taken; no SOP update is ever even considered, nor is any likely, even now!

We’re hopelessly mired in obsolete doctrine, literally defined by “political correctness,” which is nothing but forced tyranny upon free speech, a concept worthy only of Communists!

As a civilization, we are in steep decline, and the foregoing is yet another stark indicator!

“One seldom goes wrong when attributing extreme actions to vanity, average ones to habit, and petty ones to fear.”