29 July 18

Who takes care of whom?

“We will take care of you!

You’re too stupid to take care of yourself.

So, we’ll make sure you can’t take care of yourself.

And by the way, we really can’t take care of you, nor do we care.

But, we still know what’s best, and we’ll force you to love it,

… even when it kills you!”

Definition of “Enforced Dependency,” sometimes called “Learned Helplessness”

European prisons, and now American prisons, are infiltrated with gangs of Islamic jihadists, who have “taken over” many.

They involuntarily “recruit” new “converts to Islam.” Many of these “recent converts” then become active terrorists when released. The rest become supporters/promoters of Islamic jihad.

“Jihad” translates to “violent evangelism.”

In order to successfully resist such violence, individual citizens must be self-reliant, alert, aware, and well armed/trained.

But, leftists (in and out of government) tell us the exact opposite!

They assure us that they will “take care of us,” if only they are granted the absolute power and budget to do so.

According to them, we don’t need guns. In fact, we don’t need to worry our little heads about anything!

They will take-over our lives, because they know what is best!

What concerns so many (who are reluctant to drink their Kool-Aid) is:

1) If we don’t “need” guns, why do they think they do?

2) Why are they so adamant that free citizens always be unarmed, helpless, defenseless, and paralytic?

3) Why must we unquestioningly accept dependency and impotence as a way of life?

4) Why do they insist our rights as citizens are “relative,” while their powers are unlimited?

5) If we can trust them to “protect” us from every bad thing that might ever happen, why do they keep getting “surprised” by events?

6) If Islamic jihad and other violent criminal activity are “exaggerated,” why does our homicide rate keep going up?

Leftists have no answer to the foregoing, and never have, but they vainly persist with their defective philosophy, and do everything they can (when their delusory sales effort falls short) to involuntarily inflict it on the rest of us!

“How do you tell a Communist?

Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin.

And, how do you tell an anti-Communist?

It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin!”