27 July 18

I was confused!

Friends in Canada pointed out that I mixed-up two different events in my last Quip!

The van attack I described did take place in Toronto, but back in April of this year. There were ten fatalities in that attack. It took place on St Georges Day. St George was a Christian Romano/Turkish Saint!

The van suspect was arrested

Last Sunday’s attack involved an Islamic terrorist armed with a gun, and two innocents were murdered, a young woman and a girl. Thirteen others injured.

That suspect was subsequently gunned-down by police.

The gun used in Sunday’s attack was illegally owned, and the magazine was also illegal.

Everything is being done, in government and the media, to falsely spin Sunday’s story away from a Muslim terrorist attack, to a “mental illness” issue.

Toronto is Canada’s “Chicago,” and there have been so many incidents, I confused these two.

I apologize!

Toronto’s mayor is vehemently anti-gun. He said aster Sunday’s attack, “Why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all?”

When the mayor sees forced disarmament as the ultimate solution, why doesn’t he courageously lead the way, and start by disarming his own bodyguards?

Leftist are such hypocrites!