26 Feb 2020

“Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face, there will be a starry-eyed, self-declared, ‘progressive’ apologist somewhere in the USA blushfully explaining that the face does, after all, enjoy ‘free’ health care and ‘one-hundred percent literacy.’”

John Derbyshire

During the latest Democratic “debate” last night, on the eve of the SC Primary, no one had anything good to say about Berney, although all are in lockstep with his socialist agenda.

They just don’t like him personally, because he is currently out front!

Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe, with a straight face, declared that 150 million people have died from gunfire in this country since 2007, and it’s all the fault of the NRA, gun manufacturers, and evil Americans who own guns!

That’s half the nation’s population!

Of course, none of the CBS so-called “journalists” in attendance called him on that nonsense.

Anyone surprised?

Joe then went on to literally scream, almost unintelligibly, that he was going to put all gun-manufacturers out of business.

I’m not sure who will then manufacture guns for Joe’s bodyguards. Maybe he’ll have them all made in Denmark!

Buttigieg claimed that, as a veteran (of sorts), he knows exactly which weapons Americans should be “allowed” to possess.

Bloomberg talked about his manufactured “Moms Demand Action/Everytown Group,” which he falsely claims is “grass roots.” In truth, it’s a single-source-funded PAC, which would collapse immediately without his repeated multi‑million dollar injections.

He then went-on to brag that his bribes put most Democrats in the House of Representatives in office!

The level of illogical hatred of American gun owners, and of gun makers, displayed by all of these despicable candidates, and their slaves in the “media,” is truly pathological!

They have apparently convinced themselves that American gun owners, and all who treasure our Second Amendment, all who are addicted to freedom, are such an insignificant minority that we can be literally threatened with extermination, and our votes, like our lives, just won’t be significant.

They couldn’t be more wrong!