19 Mar 19
Mosque Shooting Incident in New Zealand, 16 Mar 19

Learning points from Sunday’s mass shooting in New Zealand:

1) Islamics are no less vulnerable to these events than are Jews, nor Baptists!

Perpetrator’s “manifesto” was (as most are), rambling, confusing, incomprehensible drivel!

An army of mental-health experts are currently wringing their hands in a futile effort to “understand” him.

His guns and even magazines were covered with “slogans.” He recorded the entire event.

He is a fruit-cake!

They all are!

The world is full of such extremely dangerous deviates, and always will be, and most are not in institutions!

2) You are on your own!

It can’t be said too often!

Islamics are imagined to be so tough and ready. It’s all hype! We plainly see that they are no more “ready” in Christchurch, New Zealand mosques than are Jews in NYC synagogues, nor Baptists in TX churches!

No one in that mosque had a gun, except the perpetrator!

We all need to know and understand that police, while perhaps “on the way,” won’t arrive, and be in a position to take significant action, until corpses are all cooling, and the perpetrator has long-since either committed suicide, or escaped.

That’s the way these events always turns out.


The first five seconds are more important than the next five hours!

When there, you’ll have to take action with weapons you’re carrying, or that you can get your hands on within five seconds.

Failing that, you have scant chance of altering the outcome, nor of saving yourself!

Who routinely go armed, have necessary weapons skills, and are mentally prepared have a good chance of victory, even under such desperate circumstances.

The unprepared have no chance, and their religion is irrelevant, as we see!

“When the unexpected meets with the unprepared, we find the greatest astonishments!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

What we won’t find is a “happy ending!”