17 Mar 19

2019 Tactical Conference, Avondale (New Orleans), LA

The 2019 Tactical Conference this weekend, organized and staged by Tom Givens, was at the Nolatac Racetrack in Avondale, LA, just southwest of New Orleans.

Vicki and I were at this facility for the first time in our lives!

Tom’s tireless effort in putting-on this annual event greatly benefits all Operators in attendance.

Mas Ayoob and I both presented Classes, along with our esteemed colleagues Marty Topper, John Hearne, John Murphy, Bill Aprill, Karl Rehn, Craig Douglas, Tom Givens, Skip Gochenour, Claude Werner, and a host of other notable experts and exponents of our Art.

There were both lecture, live-fire, and scenario-based programs, run simultaneously at this expansive facility.

Vicki and I love this annual event, as we get to see and experience what our friends and colleagues are currently teaching, and rub elbows at numerous impromptu group-discussions, both at the range, after-hours at our hotel pool/vestibule, and over breakfast at the local IHOP.

Much therapeutic cross-pollination!

Out sincere thanks to Tom and Lynn, as always!

Operators need to be in attendance, as we all have the solemn responsibility and duty to advance, refine, preserve, and promulgate our Art!