18 Oct 22
Coming to a “park” near you, maybe even a back yard!
Last Sunday, a ten-year-old boy was attacked  in his own back yard by a black bear, who apparently considered it his back yard!
The bear was chased-off by relatives, but the boy suffered significant injuries, albeit not life-threatening.
Had the bear not been dissuaded from dragging the boy away, the boy likely would have been eaten.
Bear populations in eastern states have expanded significantly, and reports of bear sightings and attacks, even in populated areas, are now common.
Grizzly bear attacks in western states are also on the rise. The grizzly bear population is far in excess of what government agencies would have us believe!
And, NY’s current governor (Democrat, of course) has piously declared all state and county parks “sensitive areas,” where no visitors are allowed to be armed (except her of course)
All bear species are extremely dangerous, and there are lots of them around!
Bear-hunting seasons have been done away with (by naive liberal politicians) in many states, so there is
nothing to control population growth, and bears are rapidly losing their fear of humans. 
Why should they fear (unarmed) humans?
You will never outrun a bear, and when hungry, bears will attack and eat anything that looks like food!
Of course human predators, enfranchised and emboldened by liberals, still represent a bigger threat to most of us than do bears.

Still, for one I arrange for a rifle to be always nearby, no matter where I am!

“You may pray to God to fill-in potholes on your path, but don’t be surprised when He gives you a shovel!”
Israelmore Ayivor
Yes, even an “illegal” shovel!