12 Oct 22
“Creepy, slovenly, sleazy, amoral leftists who smugly justify their own sloth, cowardice, criminality, and disgraceful dishonor as acceptable ways of living, with the unwavering support of Democrat politicians, who themselves are, without fail, individually worthy of the same description”
Within the last two weeks, there have been at least a dozen violent, bloody criminal attacks of passengers on NYC’s subway system. Doubtless many times that number that have actually occurred, but many, probably most, are never reported.
What’s the point?
On those few occasions when violent criminals are actually arrested (taken into police custody) in NY, they’re released “on their own recognizance” minutes later, with nothing by a “court date.”
When they don’t show-up (which they seldom do), what are police going to do?
Re-arrest them, only to watch them re-released once more, ad infinitum?
NYC is rapidly devolving into our version of Caracas, Venezuela!
Simultaneously, leftist Democrats (functional Communists) are working night and day to prevent frightened NYC residents (some of whom actually have NYC pistol permits, issued by NYPD) from exercising their rights and carrying concealed handguns anywhere in the City, piously declaring the entire transit system, all public buildings, all houses of worship, and entire sections of the City to be “sensitive areas,” where guns are prohibited (for everyone but criminals).
For most New Yorkers, avoiding a “sensitive area” at some point during the day is practically impossible, and that is, of course, by design!
For Democrats, penitentiaries are not for violent criminals. Penitentiaries for political opponents.
Of course, Democrat politicians, and their taxpayer-funded bodyguards, are quietly exempted from having to
worry about any of this.
Anyone surprised?
Democrat politicians in NYC (there aren’t any other kind) are contemptuously snubbing our Supreme Court, simultaneously advancing lawlessness and squalor.
It’s not a naive “mistake.” They know what they’re doing!
The sage avoid setting foot there!