23 Jan 15

This unhappy report on Western Europe, from a friend who lives there:

“Seeing all the lip-service support received by Charlie Hebdo, you might have thought that, at long last, Europeans are getting their courage back.

How wrong you would have been!

Nobody here dares doing nor saying anything that might garner the attention of Islamics, because it could make them a target. And, since we can’t own guns for self-defense, we’re helpless against heavily-armed Muslem terrorists, who are apparently exempt from obeying gun laws!

An exhibit on the Charlie Hebdo attack was planned at the Museum of Hergé in the City of Louvain-La-Neuve. But, police, and the Mayor, cautioned the organizers with regard to risks involved. The exhibit was abruptly canceled, purely out of fear!

Everybody talks about ‘freedom of speech,’ but on-line newspapers here are refusing to run any comments critical of Islamics. Curiously, they lambaste Christians and Jews all day!

Europeans have abundantly shown, once more, what cowards we are. All wind. No action. Muslims have won!

Bloody attacks will continue.

Islamics have been kicked out of Europe in the past, and for the identical reason! Poitiers in 732AD, La Reconquista in the Iberic Peninsula, the Siege of Malta in 1565AD, the Battle of Lepanto in 1571AD, and many more. We’ll be given no choice but to do it again!

Meanwhile, the Euro continues to weaken.

I do not seen anything good coming.”


“People don’t want their lives ‘fixed.’ Nobody really wants their problems solved, their dramas, their distractions, their stories finally resolved, their messes cleaned-up.

Because, what would they have left?

Just the big, scary unknown!”

Chuck Palahniuk