25 Jan 15

Additional SHOT Show comments:

Several have asked me to comment further on certain guns. I usually report only on those that interest me, so that my comments are not too lengthy. In many cases, they’re too lengthy anyway!

The Beretta “M9A3″ is the latest iteration of the 92F. They’ve made the bulky grip slightly smaller and done a few other things to make it smoother. But, hammer-fired pistols with manual de-cocking levers have, as I’ve indicated before, fallen out of style! And, for no particular reason other than “trend.”

I like Beretta’s rotary-barrel PX4 better than the 92-series, but again, they are all hammer-fired.

To reclaim relevance, Beretta needs to design and market striker-fired pistols, just like everyone else. As a company, they’re perfectly capable of making such a product, of superior quality in fact. They just continue to resist, for reasons known only to them!

The Taurus “Curve” is a small, striker-fired 380Auto pistol, designed for concealed carry. Smaller than a G42. Friend and colleagues have commented on it to me. My experience with Taurus has been spotty, but, as a company, they are coming along and obviously directing their efforts in the direction of the American market.

Glock’s single-column 9mm concealment pistol, slightly bigger than its current 380Auto G42, did not make its debut at the 2015 SHOT Show, as many expected it would. Apparently, it is not quite ready to see the light of day! We may see it at the upcoming NRA Convention.

Too many manufacturers of ARs to list. The market for military rifles is soft right now, but that is probably only temporary, given volatile world history through which we’ll currently all living.

Who have seen “Schindler’s List” know and understand the critical importance of private, personal armament, and skills to operate effectively. At times, Americans are amazingly naive, but, as a tribe, we “get it.”

We better!