12 Mar 24
Diminished Police Protection:
“Why doesn’t our government protect us? Why aren’t criminals following gun laws? Why do we have to protect ourselves?”
John Glassy
The City of Pittsburgh, PA used to have (just a few years ago) a Police Department with 1700 sworn officers- on patrol, answering calls, making arrests, and investigating crimes.
Today, that number is barely holding at 800. It will dip below 700 by the end of the year!
The Department has lost nearly all of its experienced officers, through early retirement and outright mass resignation.
Dedicated officers have grown weary of pro-criminal, pro-crime Democrat politicians, and they’re expressing disgust with their feet.
Police recruit classes are impossible to fill, despite conspicuous lowering of standards.
This trend is identical in woke-controlled metro areas nationwide.
In Pittsburgh, police staffing shortages are currently so critical, that the Department has just announced its officers will no longer respond to calls involving theft, harassment, criminal mischief, burglary, etc during the hours of three to seven am. That time-gap is, of course, already expanding as staffing continues to decline, and will soon embrace the entire day.
In many woke cities, it already has.
In plain English, police officers will not be arriving as a result of any call from a City resident, unless shots are being fired and there are dead bodies laying around!
All other “emergency calls” will be immediately shunted to a “Telephone Reporting Unit,” (AKA: an answering machine). No in-person response will ever result.
Six of the City’s precinct stations have been essentially abandoned. During evening hours, fewer than twenty officers are (at least technically) “on-duty” throughout in the entire City!
Accordingly, the precious few officers actively patrolling during evening hours are dangerously isolated, and swamped with calls. When they get-in over their heads, they cannot expect any back-up, probably for hours.
As a result, residents should not be surprised when they are extremely timid, cautious, and slow.
Morale within the Department, as one might expect, is pitiable and going lower.
Panicked politicians are mouthing feeble excuses, while simultaneously, and quietly, arranging for special
police protection for themselves.
Violent crime throughout the City is going off the chart.
Anxious/frightened City residents are buying guns and ammunition.
Those still “in denial” can look forward to an unhappy, and short, life!
“Who willingly, indeed eagerly, trade individual freedom, liberty, and Constitutional rights for promised ‘protection’ and welfare handouts, naively never imagine they’ll need guns some day.
Of course, when they suddenly do, it is too late, and sympathy is in short supply!”
Doc Gunn