14 Mar 23
Controlling the Narrative:
Back on 6 Feb 24, a man precipitously hurled two cans of burning liquid at a group of people waiting for a train on NYC’s Subway System in Manhattan. The attack was apparently random.
No serious injury was reported. The perpetrator ran away.
The entire in incident was clearly filmed by security cameras.
No arrest so far.
This kind of criminal activity is surely not uncommon on NYC’s notoriously violence-plagued Subway System, and it continues unabated, despite the addition of (unarmed) NG troops!
What it curious is that this particular incident is just now being reported by the media, five weeks after it happened!
When violent crime occurs, but officials cynically suppress the incident from public knowledge (as they obviously did in this case), I guess we now call that “effective crime control”
As we see, with inherently dishonest leftist politicians, “controlling the narrative” keeps them in power, which is obviously all they care about!
For the rest of us, lessons are clear:
1) America’s metro areas have steadily deteriorated (with the blessing of leftist politicians) into crime-infested sewers, despite a blatantly-false narrative promulgated by the leftist media! “Protection,” afforded by CCTV cameras, traveling in groups, well lighted places, etc is all (obviously) self-deceptive fantasy!
2) We live in a world where technology can be (and obviously is) controlled so effectively that citizens will never learn the truth unless they themselves actively seek it. Never believe leftists’ self-promoting propaganda, masquerading as “news,” and promulgated by their oh-so willing media dupes.

3) Smart American citizens need to think for themselves, outside the box. When the government wants you to do something (or not do something), you can bet it is for their benefit, not yours!

4) Sociopathic behavior has become “normal,” and is actually promoted and protected by leftists, who cynically use sociopaths to harm political opponents. Who dare to righteously intervene and stop such bad actors will invariably face the wrath of our leftist-weaponized criminal justice system, while real criminals/sociopaths go free to re-offend, endlessly.
I don’t like these trends, any more than anyone else, but those of us who are still legal citizens, non-criminals, and freedom-loving, productive members of society (and who plan on dying of old age) need to face facts, and take appropriate action with regard to individual protective measures and lifestyle changes- inside, or outside, the box!
We have few friends among elected officials!
We are fast-approaching the stage of ‘ultimate inversion,’ where government is free to do anything it pleases, while citizens may act only by permission.
This is the darkest period of human history, the stage of ‘rule-by-brute-force!’”
Ayn Rand