8 Oct 23
A friend who was visiting Israel, got caught-up in yesterday’s invasion.
He is okay (for now), but his flight back to CONUS on Monday has, understandably, been canceled.
So he is stuck there, indefinitely!
I suspect that apprehensive circumstance is shared by hundreds, maybe thousands, of other stranded American and European tourists.
They’ll all have to stick it out, ultimately exiting the area any way they can!
The next few weeks (at least), probably months, are going to be filled with intense military activity in that part of the world, and could easily spread to other parts of the world!
This is not a good time for off-shore travel!
This is a good time to pay attention, constantly alert, aware, and informed.
This is a good time to go armed, including having your military rifle (with extra magazines) close at hand.
This is a good time to keep your vehicle’s gas-tank topped-off.
This is a good time to stay away from large metro areas and large gatherings of any kind.
Opportunity wastes no time with the naive/stupid/clueless/unprepared!