9 Oct 23
Continuing developments:
The offensive situation in Israel is rapidly gaining momentum.
Intense fighting is imminent, and it will go on for weeks, maybe months, and will involve heavy casualties in any event
There is scant hope for hostages taken by Hamas.
What is less predictable is what other nations will become actively involved.
Remember Serbia in 1914!
Iran, Russia (Iran’s “client state”), maybe Turkey may all become directly militarily involved.
The USA now has a large Battle Group in the area. An attack on that will get the USA instantly “involved”
Weak, confused messages coming from the BHO Administration, and BHO himself, are not helpful.
Our leftist new media has sided with Hamas, as have “The Squad,” the tail that wags the Democrat dog.
Why am I not surprised!
Israel may not survive!
Nuke(s) may be involved before this is over.
Several friends are planning off-shore travel within the next week or two. I’m suggesting they reconsider!
It’s pretty frightening, and I’m not sure what personal advice I can add to what I suggested in my last Quip.
Maybe this one:
Stay away from “Peace Festivals!”