25 Aug 98, Tuesday, 10:19AM


>At a recent match, a Glock 35 had an explosion. No injury to the shooter or bystanders, but the magazine blew out (downward), and the mag catch was broken. The resident Glock Armorer replaced the mag catch, and that was all that was needed. The magazine itself was fine. The whole end (primer end) of the case was blown out. There was lots of soot from gas leakage. The shooter did say that he was using reloads, but the armorer countered that it was probably just a weak case and nothing more. One too many reloads of the same case?

>At the same match, a competitor accidently dropped his Glock in the sand. He subsequently took it apart in order to get the sand out, and bystanders noticed that it had white goo in it. One of the ROs asked what type of lubrication he used (some lubes are white). The guy then pulled out of his pocket a tube of sunscreen and indicated that the sunscreen lotion was what he routinely used. The Glock Armorer chuckled and said that the factory doesn’t necessarily recommend it, but that sunscreen actually works fine. I think they have seen this before!

>At a recent Defensive Rifle Program, a student had great difficulty passing our Rifle Test with an AUG. I normally like the AUG very much, but I observed that, with all it’s weight in the rear, the AUG’s accuracy is very much affected by shoulder movement. The same student had no trouble passing the same test with a DSA FN/FAL a few minutes later. It is, I believe, an annoyance endemic to all bull-pup-configured rifles. Trainers should be aware!