6 June 12

“Editorial content? That’s the stuff we cram between ads!”

Roy Thompson, British Journalist

On yesterday’s recall election in WI, from a friend in Madison, WI:

“Hilarious watching TV news last night! Local stations preempted network shows to present all the ‘drama’ of the recall. Editorial boards here are, of course, made up exclusively of flaming Liberals, and they obviously spend way too much time drinking their own Koolaid. Precious few ever stray outside Madison city limits!

All were all utterly blind-sided by Walker’s landslide victory, which was blatantly apparent a few minutes after polls closed. Their cycle of mental constipation was as comical as it was predictable:

First, they were literally paralyzed on-air, despondently trying to figure out what had just hit them.

Next, they wistfully started talking about long lines in Milwaukee still waiting to vote. So, ‘… this is not over yet,’ even though everyone knew it was.

Finally, after utter defeat was undeniable, they angrily started talking about how out-of-state-money, from all those despicable conservatives, unduly influenced the outcome.”

Comment: Despite open and unmoderated personal devotion to Liberalism and Democrat candidates, these “journalists” are doing Democrats, locally and nationally, no good service! When so casually compromising journalistic objectivity and integrity, they leave little doubt as to their personal, intellectual criminality. They don’t report truth. They report what they wish were true. In so doing, they irreparably damage their craft, and what little credibility they may have had.

Again, they are journalistic criminals, unwilling to maintain any species of objectivity, a disgrace to their profession. Many Democrats think they want them on their side.

They are fools when they do, as we see!