11 June 12

We conducted a Defensive Handgun Course last weekend here in CO. We worked with a group of students, most of whom were buying pistols and simultaneously applying for CCW permits, for the first time.

We had XD/M’s, along with Glocks, and one S&W SD9/VE. S&W’s “V-Series” is a price-point pistol, half-way between the low-priced Sigma, and the relatively expensive M&P. All pistols ran fine. However, my VE user, who is left-handed, switched to a G22, because he was unable to manually lock the slide to the rear on his S&W without switching hands.

There was polite urgency in my students’ voices as they described the way they were now looking at world politics, as well as the domestic election season. All are persuaded that there is currently little about which to be optimistic, and they have finally been compelled to become personally, individually (albeit still hesitant, in some cases) involved in their own security planning. All planned on carrying concealed on a regular basis, starting immediately. For most, this involves significant lifestyle modifications, so there was much discussion related to concealed-carry options, and related issues.

Weak, amateurish, sleazy, confused, “leadership,” at the Administration level, was cited as the most troubling single item in the current inventory of major concerns.

I predict, between now and November, increasing numbers of Americans, of all stripes, will similarly, reluctantly come to the identical conclusion. Most Europeans already have! However, over there it is a daunting task to be even lightly armed, much less be exposed to competent training.

Individual alertness, preparedness, and personal resolve are now more important than ever. I see it regularly in the eyes of my students- as never before!

“To you who call yourselves ‘men of peace,’ I say, you are not safe without men of action by your side”