29 Apr 99

This just in from a student. This is what makes teaching rewarding:

“I took your course at the H & H gun range in Oklahoma City in the spring of 1993. I have since become licensed to carry in Texas. A few months ago in Ft Worth while at lunch, I made the mistake of stopping at a chicken place in the hospital district. One of the local booze-in-the-paper-sack derelicts tried to assault me, for no particular reason other than the fact that I was there. He made various threats, “I’m going to make you me eat this beer bottle,” etc. I stepped back, drew my .45 commander from under my vest, and took control of the situation via several verbal challenges. The draw was so smooth I amazed myself! He turned and left meekly, mumbling to himself.

I did report the incident to the police, in case anyone saw me with a gun and called it in. I just wanted to say thank you for the ability and the confidence to be prepared for the unexpected. My wife and young daughter would like to thank you also.”

Lesson: “Luck” is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

Well done!