3 May 99

We conducted a Defensive Shotgun Instructor’s program in Dallas Texas last weekend with SDSI at their beautiful outdoor range, and my Beretta 1201 riot shotgun started acting up on me. Up until now, it has always worked flawlessly, and thus usually have it with me.

It was releasing shells from the magazine tube prematurely. It was still functional, but the delinquent round sitting on the shell lifter made performing drills like the ammo swap very difficult. Several of my students also had 1201s, and one of them was doing the same thing. I suspect this is a common problem with this particular shotgun.

In any event, my friend and gunsmith, Chris Vursels at the H&H Gunshop in Oklahoma City, took about ten minutes to fix it. The shell-latch spring was just worn out. We replaced it, and the gun was good as new.

If you are experiencing this problem with the Beretta riot gun, it is fixed quite easily, as per above.