22 Apr 99

I just received this from one of my instructors in Texas. It is from a friend who has been, up until now, a staunch non-gun owner:

“Dear ______, this is not a joke!

After hearing about the Serbian Militia brutally ousting people from their homes time after time, what would YOU do if armed people came to your home demanding that you leave? I think this is a wonderful argument for the Second Amendment. Didn’t those Muslims have any arms? What would have happened if they had, and also had the righteous will to use them? Wouldn’t the German and Polish Jews have had better luck if they had met the Nazis with arms? I don’t think this is an immediate problem in the County, because there is no ‘ethnic cleansing’ of blacks, Hispanics or Jews going on at the moment. But, the Jews didn’t think it was a problem back then either, until it was too late. As you know, I do not own a gun, but I am not too sure I shouldn’t buy one, or more!

This is also an argument FOR ‘assault weapons’ which ‘are only designed to kill.’ Well, I surely WANT to kill someone who is invading my home, and quickly! I do not own a military weapon. Perhaps the NRA could use this argument to advantage. Maybe I should join.

I’ve always been against gun control, just as I’ve been against alcohol prohibition. Those laws just don’t work. Only criminals would have arms.

Yours, ______

>Lesson: Bill Hickock and Wyatt Earp proudly claimed the title of Gunman, as do I. We all have to stop apologizing for being right, even when swimming in a sea of dupes and charlatans. “A man more right than ten of his neighbors makes a majority of one.”