2 Nov 16

On Your Own!

An all-out, nationwide war on our police officers continues, as Democrat politicians grovel before BLM, and other strident anti-LE groups.

Recent examples:

NYC … 2 Officers ambushed and murdered.

Dallas … 5 Officers ambushed and murdered.

Baton Rouge … 3 Officers ambushed and murdered.

Des Moines … 2 Officers ambushed and murdered.

Cops’ survival during this “undeclared war” depend upon the depth of our own tactical training and expertise, preparation, equipment, and mutual coverage.


1) Don’t sit in stationary vehicles! Many murderers sneak-up on parked beat-cars and shoot unsuspecting officers inside before they can react. When in your vehicle, be in motion!

2) Carry rifles! Every beat-car needs to be equipped with a military rifle for each officer, and at least a dozen fully-charged magazines for each. Access must be easy and quick. This is particularly necessary for one-man patrol vehicles in rural areas that are dangerously isolated as part of their daily routine!

3) Drill continually with your deadly weapons! Regardless of training/qualification “requirements,” get out and shoot, under competent instruction, regularly. Spend some of your own money, but never be satisfied with “barely competent.”

“Good enough” never is!

4) Carry a concealed back-up pistol. When in uniform, there needs to be one gun they see, and at least one other they don’t! The weapon they don’t see, and haven’t taken into account, may well be the one that saves your life!

5) Carry blades and practice getting them into action quickly. You may have to literally cut someone off of you!

6) “Normal” risk is part of the job. “Suicidal” risk isn’t! Approach cautiously. Limit your risk exposure. Use cover. Take your rifle. Keep your distance. Wait for back-up. Back-off when necessary!

7) Don’t be murdered by a “dead man!” When you have to shoot, inflict multiple, fatal wounds, quickly! Don’t relax/relent too soon! He may have the ability to absorb many more rounds than you think he possible could. As long as he is demonstrably dangerous, he hasn’t been shot enough!

Don’t approach “dead” suspects. We have K9s for that!

One final comment:

Yesterday a CA police officer was killed by a UD. The UD in question was the fault of a fellow officer from the same department who was in close proximity.

Few details have emerged thus far, but I think it is safe to say this. The main culprit here, as is so often the case, is:


Officers involved were in a casual setting that surely did not require guns to be handled. As they were, the unthinkable happened. One officer dead. Another ruined!

We’re Operators, and deadly weapons are an integral part of our lives. We have many enemies! We don’t need to count brother officers, and ourselves, among them!