5 Feb 2020

Travel by Bus

Monday, a passenger on a Greyhound Bus, en route between Los Angeles and San Francisco, suddenly produced a pistol, and for no apparent reason, shot at least six of the two-dozen other bus passengers!

No one else on the bus was armed.

One shooting victim died. Five others were hospitalized.

No motive was reported, nor is it known if the suspect knew any of his victims

After the bus stopped, the suspect calmly departed, leaving his pistol behind!

He was arrested without incident a short time later and is currently in police custody.


This was yet another “gun-free zone disaster.” Innocent victims were trapped on a moving bus with no way to defend themselves.

As a matter of policy, Greyhound does not permit passengers, including its own drivers, to be armed.

In addition, Greyhound does not permit guns, nor ammunition, in checked baggage.

Isn’t it curious that murderers, like this one, never seem to pay much attention to such “rules?”

No word on how this passenger got on the bus when armed. Some big bus stations have scaled-down airport-style passenger screening, but screening at small stops, when it takes place at all, is far less formal, and passengers regularly get off and back on the bus during meal-stops and are not re-screened.

So, for passengers to easily get around the “no gun” rule is not hard to imagine.

Luggage is rarely screened at all, so the “rule” prohibiting guns in luggage is mostly wishful thinking.

Once again, when someone oh-so piously makes a “no-gun rule,” you can be sure it is for their benefit, not yours. They’re infinitely more concerned with their bottom line, than they are with your safety!

When asked about innocent, unarmed victims of such shooting incidents involving supposed “gun-free zones,”, CEOs will always shrug and reply,

“They’re all insured,”

and then nonchalantly go back to their golf game!

Long-distance, commercial bus travel needs to be rethought carefully by Operators, and family members.