4 Feb 2020

“No evil dooms us hopelessly, except the evil we love, desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from.”

Daniel Deronda

In the former French colony of Upper Volta (since 1960, “Burkina Faso”), in the Sahel region of west Africa, the government has reluctantly decided to arm and train citizen militias, after decades of western-inspired, forced civilian disarmament!

This story is currently being feebly reported by the BBC, because embarrassed leftists at the BBC don’t want it to be true.

Burkina Faso, and the BBC, have had to finally admit that gun prohibition/confiscation (masquerading under the innocuous term, “gun control”) unfailingly does great harm, and is no friend of good and decent people!

Taking full advantage of anti-gun laws, rampaging heavily-armed Boko Haram Islamic extremist jihadis (who pay no attention to gun laws, nor to international borders) have brutally terrorized unarmed Burkina Faso villages for the past decade, freely extorting, murdering, and kidnaping thousands, all with scant interference from police!

Grudgingly reversing themselves, Burkina Faso’s politicians will now provide military small arms and training (to be mostly conducted by French Troops, already in the country) to formally defenseless citizens.

Do you suppose there may even be a couple of “assault weapons” mixed in, maybe even a “high-capacity” magazine or two?

One has to wonder how many innocents had to be murdered in order for the government to finally get to this point!

Thus, at least in the Third World, some are, at long last, “getting it.”

As for our so-called “First World,” this smug announcement from John Barilaro, Australia’s Deputy Premier:

“Self-defense with a firearm shall remain illegal. People being confronted by armed intruders should instead call the police and wait for them to turn-up”

and this from British police:

“… even when you’re at home alone, and you have an intruder, you are not allowed to protect yourself.”

And this from leftist Huffington Post editors:

“Shooting in self‑defense should be illegal, because it denies violent criminals a fair trial”

It’s not difficult to see whose side leftists are on, and have been since 1917!

A bottle of over-the-counter sleeping pills bears this caveat:

“Warning! May cause drowsiness.”

Welcome to our “advanced” 21st Century First World!