18 Feb 2020

“The real ‘class-war’ is between the snobbish, self-declared, elite ‘ruling class,’ who lust after permanent and unlimited power for themselves (at the expense of our rights as citizens), and the rest of us who just want to put food on our tables, be reasonably secure in our own homes, and survive wars we get sent to fight in”

Eastern European War Veteran

“The Final Struggle will be between Communists and ex-Communists”


Political Violence in America, 2020

Political violence used to be confined to third-world countries.

Not any more!

The Democrat Party has allowed itself to drift so far to the left that today they are little more than Communists, and they, true to form, are now formally adapting physical violence as an acceptable and legitimate political tool.

Our less-than-honest media claims political violence is occurring on both sides of the political spectrum, but as always, they’re lying. Nearly one-hundred percent of political violence we’re seeing now is perpetrated by leftists on non-leftists. It is a political strategy they have enthusiastically embraced since 1917.

It’s in their DNA!

When Republicans are wantonly, physically attacked on college campuses, at political events, even in their own homes, the DNC is completely silent!

No condemnations. No pleading that violence be checked.

We’ve only to look to VA, CA, WA, and OR to see what invariably happens when Democrats seize power!

They work tirelessly to assure that their nationalized thugs will encounter no armed resistance when they are sent to visit violence upon political opponents.

We’re going to see unprecedented political violence between now and November, and it will likely accelerate during the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee in July, and continue to get worse through November.

Since DJT is likely to win a second term, violence will not stop after the election!

“Bail reform” will be enthusiastically used by Democrats to put violent thugs, who should be locked-up, to work terrorizing opponents.

Illegal aliens will be threatened with deportation unless they participate in “demonstrations,” which will, by design, quickly degenerate into destructive, dangerous riots!

As Operators, we have to keep our heads up and tweak our activities and travel plans as necessary.

High-profile political participation is now extremely dangerous!

Understand the risk!

“Belief in a short, decisive war is the most ancient and dangerous of human delusions.

When you’re told, ‘This war will be a short one,’ remember, those on the other side are being told the same thing!”

Robert Lynd