19 Feb 2020

From a friend in the UK:

“Ambitious leftist politicians, here and there, are clearly prepared to seize political power by any means!

By contrast, honorable politicians seek opportunities to serve their country, their fellow citizens, and future generations.

Leftists simply lust after personal power and money, nothing else!

Thus, used-car salesmen and assorted other sleazy drudges and hacks, the kind invariably attracted to leftist politics, have made their way into our Congresses and Houses of Commons.

Accordingly, our domestic politics are often under the control of amoral political thugs who lack any real insight, nor interest, into the welfare of our two nations.”


>Leftists are now seriously arguing that the right to trial supersedes the right to self‑defense!

Thus, when you shoot a violent criminal who is actively trying to murder you, you have deprived your attacker of the right to trial by jury, thereby impinging upon his civil rights!

This is a really scary notion!

A future court of leftist judges may conflate the right to trial with a proscription against self‑defense, thus making any kind of self-defense illegal, as is the case currently in the UK and Canada.

>Bloomberg is outwardly marketing himself essentially as an American version of Communist Chinese Dictator, President Xi, and his groveling leftist supporters apparently see no incongruity with traditional American values!

He evidently sees no contradiction in his advocating for the complete and unconditional extermination of our Second Amendment, while simultaneously maintaining an expansive personal “Pretorian Guard,” heavily armed, and composed of extremely well-compensated ex‑NYPD personnel.

Indeed, Mike makes his follow Democrat presidential aspirants all sound like NRA protagonists!

One has to ask how Bloomberg’s praetorians are able to continuously bear pistols, carbines, shotguns, and SMGs when he visits Bermuda and London, where possession of guns by foreign nationals is absolutely prohibited. It’s not even legal for Bloomberg’s bodyguards to secure their guns on private jets when parked at airports in Bermuda, nor England.

His praetorians are also apparently exempted within Democrat-controlled states (HI, NJ, NY) where rabidly anti‑gun attorneys-general and governors go out of their way to prevent even active and retired LEOs from carrying under provisions of the Federal Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act.

Yet, Mike always makes an exception of himself!

Imagine that!

Imagine what he really thinks of us peons!