9 May 17

“In these modern times, many are wounded for not having weapons, nor knowledge of their use.”

Achille Marozzo, 1536

The man charged with Boston’s double murder last weekend, Bampumim Teixeira, had been previously (recently) convicted of two bank robberies.

Upon his conviction for armed robbery, he served a total of ONLY NINE MONTHS in prison!

The forgoing is an example of the way leftist politicians in liberal strongholds, like MA, actually promote violent crime! Anywhere liberals are in charge, violent crime is high, and ever-increasing.

Liberals covet ever-higher rates of violent crime for two reasons:

(1) Violent criminals represent a small minority whose political support, and votes, liberals openly solicit, and whose size and influence liberals thus constantly strive to increase. This is the reason liberals predictably make excuses for the behavior of violent criminals, insisting they are “justified” in committing crimes, and invent cynical terms, like “grievance-based crime” in order to rationalize evil behavior.

(2) Through violent crime, violent criminals intimidate and terrorize the rest of the population, generating demands for “increased protection,” which liberals are only too happy to provide, in the form of suffocating new restrictions on all of us who don’t commit crimes, and economic punishment of certain minorities who see through liberals’ cozenage and thus refuse to support them. Violent criminals hence do liberals’ “dirty work” for them.

The elimination of the private ownership of guns is thus the liberal “Holy Grail”

Armed citizens effectively protect themselves against violent criminals. This is unthinkable for liberals! Violent crimes should be cleaned-up afterward (amid strident demands for gun prohibition), but never prevented!

Not surprisingly, advice offered by liberal public officials (who all insist on heavily-armed protection for themselves) with regard to violent crime:

(1) Never offer resistance

(2) Give them anything they want

(3) Let them do anything they want

(4) Never own a gun

Curiously, that formula was notably unsuccessful last weekend in Boston!

“Learned helplessness” and “enforced defenselessness” may be music to the ears of liberals, but they represent the death knell for the rest of us

…as we see!

“When people are paid to ‘be poor,’ we should not be astonished when we find ourselves inundated with ‘poor people.’ In the same way, we are suddenly awash with ‘victims’ when achieving that status brings reward from the government, or farmers, when paid by the state not to produce, mysteriously become non-productive.

It is an ‘enigma’ only to naive liberals.”

Milton Friedman