8 May 17

“Safe” places and “safe” Neighborhoods!

Last weekend, two prominent physicians, living in the “high-rent district” of Boston, MA, were victims of a home invasion.

Both were tied-up by a single, armed burglary suspect. Then, while thus helpless, both had their throats slit and subsequently bled to death!

One of them, prior to dying, sent a pitiable text massage to friends, pleading for help.

None arrived!

This is similar to the Bataclan Theater attack in Paris, France in 2015, where innocent theater-goers, being held hostage by Islamic terrorists, tweeted desperate messages pleading for police to come and save them.

None arrived there either. All hostages were murdered, many in hideous ways!

Back in Boston, the single suspect was arrested shortly after the double-murder, but not before a brief shootout with police. Suspect was wounded, but not fatally. No police were injured.


(1) Affluence, education, intellect, high-end employment, political connections, status, personal prestige, residence in an ostensibly “safe,” high-end, high-rise with lots of “security” in place. All wonderful, but none of that will not stop, scarcely even deter, violent criminals, as we see!

(2) Every burglary suspect is extremely dangerous! Never regard criminals, even petty ones, as “amateurish,” nor “harmless.”

(3) The closest to “safety” any of us will ever get is continuous, split-second access to loaded guns, as well as having undergone requisite training in their serious use. Either go armed, with a firm, righteous plan for personal victory, or be comfortable in your chosen status of “voluntary victim,” and then be prepared to wittingly accept the consequences. Don’t cry “unfair,” when you’re unprepared (not that it will matter)!

(4) Never surrender to criminals. Never let them tie you up. Be ever committed, and fully prepared, to fight to the death- effectively and decisively!

Personal preparation and commitment are literally the difference between life and death.

Confront these facts honestly, while you still can!