5 Sept 23

“What exactly is your ‘fair share’ of what someone else has worked for?”

Thomas Sowell
“The Plan”
Open borders, “sanctuary cities” (mayors of which are now having second thoughts!), openly enticing aliens to invade our Country illegally and immediately become non-productive metro denizens, dependants upon our various welfare systems, are all part of a plan contrived by the DNC to manufacture an ever-expanding, unchangeable “underclass,” who are deliberately kept “poor,” and who are endlessly exploited, manipulated, and terrorized by leftists in an effort to milk them for their (illegal) votes!
The foregoing is common knowledge, smug denials notwithstanding!
Of course, illegal immigrants cannot legally vote in the first place, but Democrats have insured that no citizen ID will ever be required for someone to cast a vote (sometimes several) in a general election. You’re required to produce positive ID in order to board a commercial airplane, buy a gun, enter a federal building, or apply for a job, but not for voting!
In order to legitimize this national fraud, new terms (enforced by “language police”) and ever evolving.
“Illegal aliens” have morphed into “migrants,” and are now suddenly “asylum seekers.”
Unable to speak English and unwanted everywhere, they’re endlessly passed-around (via bus) by state governors in a cynical effort to make them:
“Someone else’s problem”
They destroy hotels where they’re being “temporarily housed,” break-into local homes, steal/ damage property, attack and injure legal American citizens, spread diseases which have otherwise long-since been eradicated in this country, heavily burden local hospitals and re-hab centers, local jails, local police departments, welfare systems, all while contributing nothing!
Accordingly, no one wants them in their neighborhood, nor even in their part of the state!
But of course, liberals in Washington DC couldn’t possibly care less, so long as they get to keep their cushy jobs!
When liberals tell you they have “A Plan,” watch out!
Their “Plan” will unfailingly harm you and your community (as we see), while ensuring that Democrat/Marxists illegitimately stay in power forever, which is the only thing about which they care, or ever did!
Thus, as our current election season progresses, don’t be amazed when illegal immigrants are sternly instructed by Democrat politicians, and their media mouthpieces, to “get out and vote” in our state and national elections in which they may not, by law, participate!
But, like shoplifting, child molesting, and other “former crimes,” voter fraud is now “mainstream” and is not only “defacto legal,” but urged-on by leftists!
In 2024, we may get a desperately-needed “regime change,” and we may not!
In any event, don’t take BHO’s advice.
Hang onto your “religion and guns!”