26 July 21
On a Roll!
In the 1970s, many in then-President Nixon’s Cabinet (Kissinger in particular) pushed for “normalization of relations” with Communist China.
They were all foolishly confident that Communist China would morph into a wide-open, Western-style, pluralistic consumer-society that would soon embrace individual economic freedom (capitalism), and ultimately individual political freedom.
How stupid and naive can you get?
Fifty years later in 2021, Communist China is, now more than ever, a sinister, amoebic, genocidal, Maoist, totalitarian “surveillance state,” whose Orwellian snooper-vision systems are creations of our own Silicon Valley’s high-tech companies. These are traitorous, left-leaning firms who oh-so piously refuse to work with our own Defense Department, as a “matter of principle,” yet are more than happy to assist genocidal Chinese Communists!
Rich irony, right?
It’s a Communist tradition!
Practicing its international “amoebic” foreign policy, all of the resource-rich sub-Saharan African Continent, particularly South Africa, is becoming a Chinese colony. Africa is in the process of being reconstructed in the Chinese image.
That means slavery is returning!
Dysfunctional, hopelessly corrupt ANC politicians are the perfect dupes!
In the West, USA’s “leadership” is geriatric, demented.
France’s and Canada’s are adolescent and naive.
Germany’s is on the way out.
UK’s contents itself with internal political games
Israel’s is a paralyzed patchwork of polarized political sects.
None inspire confidence!
The balance of the 21th Century is destined to be even more exciting than the 20th!
Pandora’s box is open, and the monsters are out!