28 July 21
Police “Reform?”
Last Saturday, Sheriff’s deputies in WA attempted to pull-over a school bus that had been reported stolen.
The driver refused to pull over, despite multiple police vehicles in pursuit, all with lights and sirens engaged.
Yet, the pursuit had to be called-off.
As the bus continued into the adjacent county, deputies there also attempted to pull it over, and the driver continued to refuse. Carefully complying with the new law, deputies there also called-off the pursuit.
The suspect, unhindered by police, ultimately stole a front-end loader from a construction site the same day and used it to smash-into the home of his estranged wife, destroying the building.
Fortunately, no one was home at the time.
The suspect was finally arrested, after the damage was done!
The pursuit was called-off in light of “police reform” in WA, which now requires all police pursuits to terminate when the violator refuses to pull-over, unless a “serious felony” is involved.
Of course, that is unfailingly interpreted to mean that police can no longer continue to pursue any vehicle whose driver refuses to pull-over.
That’s the way Democrats want it, and it is now law!
You can see where this is going, and it is all part of the Marxist agenda.
Local police are being progressively stripped of options, to the point of all-embracing impotence.
Violent crime is growing exponentially as a result, as violent criminals no longer have much to fear. Police won’t arrest them, and Democrat prosecutors won’t prosecute them. They no longer have to come-up with bail money, and even when jailed, Democrat governors will let them out!
It is all according to plan!
The “solution” conveniently offered by Democrats is to progressively disband local police and sheriff’s departments altogether, replacing them with “federal police”
The perfect candidate for this mission is the Capitol Police!
The highly-secretive Capitol Police are immune from all oversight (local or otherwise), as well as all inquiries.
No questions are ever allowed. “Freedom of Information inquiries” never get past the vault door!
You can bet that state laws limiting options of police will never apply to them!
Even now, the Capitol Police are establishing offices in cities far away from the Nation’s Capitol!
Why would the “Capitol Police” have facilities anywhere but the Capitol?
Of course, we’re not allowed to ask!
“A ‘dynasty’ is nothing but the successful orchestration of treachery.”
Stewart Stafford