6 Apr 23
“The world is crying out for the very thing that it is shutting out!”
Craig Lounsbrough
Vainly Begging for Help
In today’s America, especially in our rapidly-deteriorating metro areas, bystanders to chronic urban havoc are progressively less likely to help anyone in genuine distress.
Military/police veterans, trained to render assistance to the injured, may jump-in and help, but in our rotting cities you’re much more likely to be surrounded by Tik-Toking, socialist twits who are utterly clueless, helpless, defenseless, useless!
All major metro areas in our nation now have leftist/Democrat mayors who, without fail, promote and defend violent criminality and criminals. They believe high levels of violent crime keep them in power, and that is all they care about. In the interim, non-criminal, tax-paying citizens (who are abandoning our cities as fast as they can) are on their own!
Last Tuesday on the streets of downtown San Francisco, Cash App founder, Bob Lee, was approached by a violent criminal and immediately stabbed to death. As he desperately pleaded with bystanders to help him, he was completely ignored!
He died later that day at a local hospital. No arrests have been made, nor are likely.
In March, Phillip Todd (Sen Rand Paul’s staffer) suffered a similar precipitous knife attack, this time in Washington DC. He lived through it, mostly because a friend with him drove-off the attacker and rendered aid.
The attacker, one day out of prison, was arrested.
Also on Tuesday, Christy Bautista, visiting Washington DC for a concert, was stabbed to death in her hotel room, by a “homeless man” with a long, criminal record.
Bloody-handed suspect was arrested, still at the scene when police arrived.
Given this recent rash of innocent pedestrians on public sidewalks being precipitously attacked, (slashed, stabbed, shot, beaten) by violent career criminals (who are seldom arrested, even more seldom prosecuted, and in the interim are instantly released by Soros-sponsored DAs), being continuously “situationally aware,” and adequately prepared (going armed), is critical to your continued good health!
Better yet, don’t be there! Avoid SF, NY, DC, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, et al like the plague!
However, being attuned to the presence of threatening individuals may not suffice!
When a blade-wielding slasher does succeed in wounding you and/or others in your care, after neutralizing the threat, having a legitimate trauma kit with you, so that you can stop bleeding quickly, pending arrival of fully-equipped EMTs, represents a critical necessity!
So, don’t bleed-out on a city sidewalk as indifferent bystanders stand around and do nothing to help!
You are your own “First Responder,” maybe the only responder! Help, when it finally arrives, will nearly always arrive too late to save your life.
Short-staffed PDs and EMT Units will eventually get there, but as we say in the business:
“The first five seconds are more important than the next five hours!”