9 Apr 23
“I realize how much those in former colonies of the USSR hunger for individual freedom, while simultaneously naive citizens of Western Civilization are carelessly surrendering theirs. When you have been brutally enslaved for sixty years by Communist tyrants, the word ‘Freedom’ has special meaning!”
From a friend in Europe
“Formosa,” loosely translated from Portuguese (in 1542AD), into English, comes out to “Beautiful Island”
Today, the island is known as “Taiwan,” and it is the home mostly of ascendants of desperate Chinese who fled the Communist (Mao Zedong) takeover of the Chinese mainland in 1949.
Since then, Taiwan has been an independent, and extremely prosperous, nation. However, the PRC (Peoples’ Republic of China) conceitedly considers it an errant “Provence,” that needs to be violently reclaimed (along with a good part of the Pacific Ocean), much as Russia is currently “reclaiming” Ukraine!
Of course, contentious Taiwanese do not recognize China’s “claim!”
Now, in typical bullying Communist fashion, China is preparing to conquer Taiwan militarily, since crusty
Taiwanese will not submit voluntarily.
China is confident the befuddled West, particularly the USA, will loudly protest, but do little else.
When Taiwanese stoically hold-out for a time, the West pay pitch-in with military aid, as we did with Ukraine.
Expecting this, Xi (China’s current premier) plans to make his move swiftly and with overwhelming force, so the fight ends quickly, and the West thus has no opportunity to become involved in any significant way, and Xi can then immediately cover-up his misdeeds, with the dependable aid of American new media.
What happens next is predictable:
Traditional outspoken anti-Communists, along with their extended families, will be identified and rounded-up. They’ll all be taken to a remote area and quietly murdered, tens of thousands of them! The identical fate will await all who raise their heads from that point forward. The balance of hapless Taiwanese be carried away into slavery.
Smug American media pundits at CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN (who never met a Communist they didn’t like), will cynically describe this muffled mass-slaughter as “mostly peaceful!”
This is exactly what Communist NKVD (or equivalent) agents did when they took control in Seoul Korea in 1950, Hue City, South Vietnam in 1968 (I was there!), and many other places that valiantly held-out against Communist tyranny.
You can always trust Communists, to be Communists!
To Communists (here and there) violence, intimidation, thuggery is a way of life, one they’ve relied upon since 1917. Communism does not attract honorable people.
Never has!
Communism (along with leftist politics it is allied with) does attract sleazy, amoral criminals, as we see.
It is always through violence and knavery that they seize power, after which all dissent is violently crushed.
They “justify” their signature murderous violence by assuring victims they they’re ushering-in a new “utopia.”
You can ask residents of Xi’s current “utopia” about that!
That is the way Communists ever do business.
Always will be.
We in the voluntarily-weakened, “woke” West are entering into exciting times, maybe our end-times!
“There will have to be bloodshed; we will not dodge; there will have to be murder; we will kill, because it is necessary; there will have to be destruction; we will destroy to rid the world of our tyrannical institutions”
From “Plane Words,” published by Luigi Galleani, an American Communist/leftist/anarchist (ANTIFA of the day)
in 1918
The above quotation is from a leaflet left at the site of bombings engineered by Galleani.