20 Nov 20 “We were devotedly supporting the (Communist) Program, and we knew our punches were landing where they should But, we never foresaw those hits coming to us!” That brutally stark observation from a (former) ardent socialist in Venezuela. Some of Maduro’s fellow professing Marxists are apparently not ardent enough in their unconditional worship of this Communist “popular leader.” None among those who question the Maduro/Communist Party Line get to die of old age, as we see! A Venezuelan radio personality, José Carmelo Bislick, who was solidly in the Maduro Camp, unquestioningly going along with the entire Maduro/Communist Agenda, discovered last August (too late, as it turns out) just how wrong he was!
He made the mistake of questioning the integrity of local officials with regard to gasoline availability. It seems Maduro’s cronies always have plenty, but no one else can find any! In much the same way, as we’re currently seeing in CA and NY, Communists here (masquerading as “Democrats”) never live-up to their own standards! When caught red-handed violating their own rules, they casually brush it off, insisting that they’re “essential,” and hence above the law. Shortly after he made those remarks, several armed men kicked-in the front door of Bislick’s home late one night, unannounced, mumbling something about a traffic infraction! These thugs were, of course, members of Maduro’s own “FAES,” his version of the NKVD. (ANTIFA and BLM are currently being recruited to fulfill this same role in the USA, and they’re only too happy to step right up). They beat Bislick to within a inch of his life, in front of his family, and then dragged him away. His bullet-riddled body was discovered the next day, clad in a Che Guevara T-shirt. To no one’s surprise, the case remains “unsolved!” Bislick’s violent death is scarcely unusual for Venezuelan dissidents, even for Communist ideological allies (as we see) and it was far from the worst! Like his comrades in Cuba, Russia, China, Maduro adheres to the Communist M/O, to the letter! There’s an important lesson here for any professing American Democrat who might consider straying from the Democrat/Marxist Agenda. American Democrats who so much as express reservations with the AOC-promoted Communist “Order of Business” will immediately go on a “List.” Harassment, public vilification, violent assault, gulags, and eventual extermination by the Regime will be their inescapable lot. Communists do not “play nice” with dissenters. Never have Never will! “Can’t happen here,” you say? Dream on! The vast majority of Venezuelans confidently, naively said that same thing twenty years ago! “Our standard is political, imperative, and intolerant!” Leon Trotsky /John