17 Nov 20 “The land was torn apart in a legal dispute. Soon, it was so devastated nothing could live here- not plant nor animal. Only lawyers. But, eventually the place fell into lawlessness, and lawyers can’t exist in an area of lawlessness, so they went feral. Some say they still roam the land! You’ll suddenly hear someone yell, ‘Objection!’ and then you’ll be torn apart like an improperly-witnessed contract.” Frank J Fleming Predictably, mentally and physically battered Minneapolis PD officers are departing, en masse! Simultaneously, ecumenical lawlessness and violence surge, as any dullard could have predicted! Predictably, it’s under-reported by the leftist media, because it makes their Bolshevik comrades/commissars look bad. Soon, smug leftist radicals who run Minneapolis (along with the city’s few remaining law-abiding, productive citizens) will be completely on their own. Yet, leftists are too busy feeding their shallow ambitions to care, nor even notice! No more “gated communities,” as “protective perimeters” mean nothing any more. No more “secured office buildings.” Again, “security” is a myth! No more armed chauffeurs driving oblivious politicians around town Crazed looters, marauders, murderers, and rioters, whom leftists slobberingly embrace as valued constituents,are now raging wilders who brazenly invade homes in a gun-free, and and now 911-free, third-world shithole! The foregoing is the sad lot of all metro areas where Democrat/socialists are in charge, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, et al It will wax much worse! “Injustice and lawlessness is the greatest terror a government can ever impose upon its own people!” Mehmet Murat Ildan /John