17 Apr 21
“We are fast-approaching the stage of ‘The Ultimate Inversion:’
Where government is free to do anything it pleases, while citizens may act only by permission;
which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of ‘Rule by Brute Force.’”
Ayn Rand
Leftist Democrats running the Cities of Berkeley, CA and Minneapolis, MN have announced that their already-dwindling local police departments will no longer be involved with traffic enforcement!
This trend will likely spread to other Democrat-controlled metro areas.
Traffic control is to be placed into the hands of a brand-new agency, consisting of unarmed, unsworn “traffic monitors,” with no arrest powers. In other words, meter-maids!
Anyone can see what will happen next:
Speeding, street-racing, DUI, driving with expired tags, expired DLs, et al, will all go unenforced, and the new “monitors” will be, of course, contemptuously ignored. Offenders will simply drive away, knowing they will not be pursued, nor arrested. After all, what are these anemic “monitors” going to do?
Heavily-armed BLM and ANTIFA thugs will then set-up “checkpoints” in these same cities, where drivers will be detained, questioned, and shaken-down. These will be tolerated and tacitly supported by Democrat mayors.
Innocent citizens who are thus robbed an injured will have no recourse.
This is an age-old Communist tactic!
BLM and ANTIFA are, as everyone knows, provisional wings of the DNC. They do the DNC’s violent dirty work, and the DNC, in turn, supports and defends them.
Accordingly, we can expect increasing and continuous destructive rioting, looting, and assorted other violent lawlessness this summer, supported and encouraged by Democrat mayors, police chiefs, governors, and other leftist politicians.
We can also expect Democrats to use every imaginable means to confiscate guns legally owned, kept, and carried by good and decent legal American citizens, who pay taxes, work for a living, and need to protect themselves from violent criminals, since de-funded, emasculated “police” no longer will, nor can.
For example, “Red-Flag Laws” will be used as they were designed from the beginning:
To disarm political opponents!
The thus disarmed/unarmed will be mercilessly victimized by leftist gangs in the ensuing, orchestrated chaos, much as they are already in many states and metro areas.
An ever-growing National Guard presence (controlled by the DNC) in many areas will become permanent, as it already is in Washington DC.
Meanwhile, casually sitting, safe and sound, in their ivory towers, behind an army of heavily-armed (taxpayer-provided) bodyguards, comfortable leftist politicians will nonchalantly look down upon all this bedlam, and cynically worry that we might be “harming the Earth.”
The next two years will witness chaos and lawlessness on an unprecedented scale.
And, it may be permanent, as “elections” become increasingly irrelevant!
“The century-old ‘Class War’ is back!
We work, produce, and contribute day after day, while unimaginative politicians talk endlessly and, along with their crony-capitalist, party-loyalist supporters, accumulate wealth and live in outlandish, luxurious, and walled-off ivory-tower mansions, behind an legion of heavily-armed bodyguards.
By contrast, we live ‘beyond the pale’ and are forced to defend ourselves, empty-handed, against wanton attack by hoards of human sewage, who are enabled and encouraged (and armed) by these same politicians!”