19 Apr 21
“To eliminate ‘local’ police, that is, police who serve their communities rather than The Party, is part and parcel of socialist takeover. It’s the one main goal of the BLM /ANTIFA socialist movement, to ‘de-fund’ police, that is, drive-out good cops, then systematically replace them with Party Loyalists who enforce ‘Party Agenda,’ not law.”
America’s (long-gone) orderly, clean, safe, free, and stable society, maintained (until recently) by the existence of righteous laws and the presence of dedicated police officers who enforced those laws, is rapidly slipping away, probably forever, replaced by leftist anarchy, non-productivity, and violent chaos!
American law-enforcement officers have been designated “enemies” by Democrats
Likewise, innocent American gun-owners, and our entire American firearms industry, are now designated “enemies” by Democrats
Simultaneously, Democrat governors are emptying prisons!
This orchestrated oblivion is, of course, delighting leftists/progressives/Communists/socialists.
Moral, productive, tax-paying Americans are watching in horror as leftist politicians, like Maxine Waters, openly promote “increased confrontation” (AKA: violence) against political opponents.
She is enthusiastically backed by the media and blatantly pro-criminal “prosecutors” in America’s Democrat-controlled metro areas.
Violent criminals, along with leftist politicians who choose to speak for them, endlessly threaten city, county, state police officers, as well as all American gun-owners, as both are simultaneously attacked by well-funded goons, who compose the left’s growing and permanently-dependent underclass.
Between now and “whatever-comes-next,” what do we do?
>When in public:
1) Be pleasant, polite, courteous, boring, invisible. Have a “normal,” but low-profile, appearance
2) Take care of business quickly. Keep conversations short. Get to the point promptly. Don’t dawdle, dither.
3) Stay in motion.
4) Remain alert. Keep looking around.
5) Go armed. Pistol(s), blades, OC discretely concealed. Heavy weapons, out of sight but always nearby
6) Drive conservatively.
7) Stay away from unsafe places, people, circumstances. When you must go there, get in and out quickly.
8) Disengage and separate quickly from people who want to talk with you, but that you don’t know.
9) Be always ready to react decisively to danger
>When in private:
1) Lock doors behind you!
2) Pull-down window shades.
3) Stay armed.
4) Keep personal details off social media
5) Stay current with local, world events
6) Shred/delete/erase discarded documents containing names, addresses, account numbers, other private information
7) Part company with unstable, injudicious, volatile friends and acquaintances
8) Keep phone conversations short
>Don’ts, while in public:
1) Become voluntarily involved in other peoples’ business
2) Answer questions from people you don’t know. Politely dismiss them.
3) Be loud, argumentative, confrontational, disrespectful, accusatory, rude
4) Use vulgar language. Racial epithets are to be particularly avoided.
5) Display confrontational body-language
6) Ride in cars displaying political or religious bumper stickers, decals, custom license plates
7) Ride in junky cars with trashy interiors.
8) Use your car’s horn for any other reason other than to prevent collisions
9) Appear personally disheveled, dirty, unkempt
10) Appear disorganized, confused, lost, distracted, aimless
11) Wear flashy/expensive jewelry, watches.
>Don’ts while in private:
1) Don’t open the door to visitors you were not expecting
2) Don’t answer phone calls from numbers/people you don’t recognize.
3) Don’t respond in any way to spam email, conventional junk mail, text messages, phone messages. Just delete/erase/shred and forget!
We’re living in extremely dangerous times, and many won’t live through it!
Take reasonable precautions (see above)
Many among the unprepared/clueless will be injured and/or die for stupid reasons.
Don’t be one of them!
“Perfer et obdura. Dolor hic olim proderit olim.”
“Be patient and enduring. This pain will serve you one day.”