13 June 20 Getting Worse! “Silence is Violence” is now the mantra of rioters in MN and WA. When you remain silent, or fail to enthusiastically endorse their Communist Manifesto, you are deserving of physical violence directed against you, and rioters know that no one will protect you! It is now common practice for BLM rioters to fan-out into suburbia and get into the faces of everyday citizens as they come out of grocery stores, or are just going about their their daily business. They quickly close-in, hurling accusations and demands at their startled victims who are doing their best to avoid confrontation. In many cases, innocent victims (regardless of gender, age) are subsequently surrounded, punched and kicked to the ground, robbed, and then left there, often seriously injured. Police don’t interfere. No one interferes! Reporting the incident is, of course, pointless, as they will be no investigation, no arrests. This is going-on right now in any number of metro areas where rioting is continuous! Be aware! /John