13 June 20 “Keep people from their history, and they are easily controlled.” Karl Marx Demands: Demands of Communist-inspired rioters have just begun! They’re destroying our history, destroying our monuments, promoting physical violence against all who voice opposition, all to the wild cheers of the DNC and their media lackeys. Next, they’ll demand street-names, park names, city names, place-names of all kinds be immediately changed to promote their Marxist heroes. We’ll see more book purges, movie purges, probably book burnings, destruction of historical record of all kinds, enforced revisionist history, libraries, churches, synagogues set on fire! Politicians and business leaders, instead of speaking-out against this leftist tyranny, are knuckling-under like the spineless worms that they are! Again, your silence will provide no protection! Leftist rioters in many metro areas, backed by Democrat politicians, know they can destroy property, physically harm innocent victims, invade homes, and steal anything they want, all with impunity! Police are ordered to stand-by and do nothing, and no one will be prosecuted. This is serious! Democrats have become Communists, and Communists never disappoint! Professing “Republicans” cower before them like rodents. My advice is to take appropriate measures to assure your own well-being, as your possessions and physical safety do not enjoy a high-priority among Democrat/Communist politicians, as we’re seeing! This will all accelerate, non-stop, right through November, and I’m not even sure we can hold a legitimate national election any more, nor that Democrats/Communists will accept the results when they don’t go their way, any more than they did the last time! If I were cynical, I might even suggest this was all planned! /John