24 Aug 20 Time between “incident” and riot(s) is getting shorter! Social media and smartphone video has reduced this interval to just about zero! Observations: 1) Because of the short “incident-to-riot” interval, a citizen could open his office or shop in the morning, only to look-out a few minutes later to find a violent, destructive riot at his doorstep! 2) Rioters are increasingly, and conspicuously, armed. Armament includes openly-carried M4s and chest-rigs with plate-carrier.  Rioters are now routinely committing armed assaults and robberies! 3) Arson!  Arson is increasingly used by rioters to destroy entire city blocks. Surrounding area quickly becomes unlivable due to toxic gases and and secondary fires. Many are forced to flee on foot. 4) “Symbolic” barriers are no deterrent!  Rioters display no regard to fences, gates, doors, signs, private property, and plate-glass windows! 5) Private residences are not “off-limits,” nor are they any longer protected by police. Rioters no longer confine themselves to commercial areas. They’re targeting homes, persons, and families of their perceived political “enemies.” Comment: States with Democrat governors, and cities with Democrat mayors and city councils are the most dangerous (by intent) and should be avoided. Who are not armed with military rifles (and trained in their effective use) need to immediately rethink their vulnerable status! Casualties are mounting! The situation is very serious and will affect us all! /John